APP and APRIL violate zero-deforestation policies with wood purchases from Djarum Group concessions in East Kalimantan

August 15, 2018. In recent years, global paper giants Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL) have made heavily publicized commitments to have “zero deforestation” and respect for

Peatland Restoration No Reason for Destroying Natural Forest: “Land swap” policy risks deforestation from Aceh to Papua

The Government of Indonesia appears to be planning deforestation as a result of its peatlands protection initiative, according to an analysis by the Koalisi Anti Mafia Hutan of the Government’s land swap policy. The land

Implementing Presidential Regulation 13/2018: Sinar Mas Group Must Declare the Beneficial Owners of All Affiliated and Related Companies

A new report published today by the Koalisi Anti Mafia Hutan is calling on the Government of Indonesia to take firm actions against global pulp and paper producer Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) so they unmask their corporate links with wood fiber plantation companies (HTI). The report entitled Removing the Corporate Mask reveals an apparent close relationship between the Sinar Mas Group, the parent conglomerate of APP, and 24 declared wood suppliers whom APP have been calling "independent partners". The report also traces out the ownership structure of the forestry business group within the Sinar Mas Group, which extends to a network of companies in numerous offshore jurisdictions.

Spatial Analysis of Potential Land Swap Areas Indicates Deforestation Risk

Update @20180405: The Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia (MoEF) has published on the Ministry’s official website an Attachment to the Minister of Environment and Forestry’s Decree Number 4732 of 2017 on the

Company linked to APP cuts down natural forest, drain high-carbon peatlands in Indonesian Borneo

Company linked to APP cuts down natural forest, drains high-carbon peatlands in Borneo Deforestation map and drone shots taken between 2014 and 2017 in MSL concession area, West Kalimantan. These show

Coal-plant 35,000 MW:
Stop waste of US$26 billion on unnecessary coal power projects, urges major new coalition.

Jakarta, 19 January 2018 - A coalition of Indonesian NGOs, dubbed the ‘Break Free From Coal’ coalition, has called for nine planned coal power plants to be dropped from the power supply plan due to

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